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Pick up your Baskit meals for the week, a local beer or bottle of wine that will go perfectly with you meals,  then grab a Modern Pastry cannoli for dessert!  Or a local artisan bread.  Or healthy snacks for lunchboxes.  Or your milks, eggs and Fox's Country Smokehouse Bacon for Saturday morning breakfast.   We offer the convenience of grabbing everything you need for local, good food for you and your family - think of Local Baskit as a daily farmers market with beer and wine! 

PLUS at our Concord Marketplace you can purchase Cook Tonight meals from our collection of Local Baskit meal kits.  Each week we will offer a new collection of meals, reserve your meal online or just stop in and grab what we are offering from the shelf.  Everything is pre-measured and it will take you no time to whip up a great meal at home. 

Cook Tonight meals are not available for general shipping  however Local Baskit subscribers can purchase an additional meal and we can add it to your weekly box.  

Be sure to check out our events as well - beer tastings, wellness classes and a great collections of events that celebrate local food, beer and New Hampshire made food artisans.